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- Written translation

Translation of texts of any complexity on technical, economic, legal, medical subjects, etc.

We also perform test translations, especially, if translators with particular specialization are needed.

All translated texts undergo an obligatory proofreading and editing process. It is an editor, who works up the text in such a way so it is an adequate one and fully conforms to your requests.


- Consecutive interpretation

today.kharkov.ua Translation Agency offers consecutive interpretation services. Our interpreters are skilled professionals, who work on conferences, business meetings, negotiations /talks (also via telephone, Skype and other means of video and audio communications).


- Editing and proofreading

In case you have already translated a text and you are not sure it is an appropriate one or you are just not satisfied with its quality, our editors will proofread and adapt it in such a way so it does not contain any grammatical, syntactic and/or stylistic mistakes and gaps, make it sound “in the right way”.


- Page-proof and imposition

The translated document can be produced in absolute compliance with the original document, preserving format, figures, diagrams, drawings and text boxes as they are in the original document. It means that there will be almost no difference between the two documents by sight.